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Blue Tomato katalog - Ponudba izdelkov - snowboard. Stran 51.
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Prelistajte Blue Tomato katalog, ki je veljaven od - do -, in našli boste najnovejše ugodnosti. Na 150 straneh trenutno veljavnega Mojega letaka boste našli najboljše izdelke Oblačila kategorije. V tem Blue Tomato katalogu boste našli popust na več kot 79 produktov, s čimer si lahko zagotovite najbolj ugoden nakup izdelkov! Če želite prihraniti pri naslednjem nakupu v Blue Tomato, ne pozabite prelistati celotnega kataloga, od strani 1 do strani 150. Na trenutni strani najdete promocije na snowboard; vendar katalog Blue Tomato ponuja številne druge popuste na blago, kot je snowboard, snowboard. Če želite nakupovati pametno, in pri vašem naslednjem obisku trgovine Blue Tomato prihraniti, ne zamudite najnovejšega kataloga, kjer boste našli neverjetne cene in popuste. Da ne zamudite odličnih promocij, ki jih ponujajo vaši najljubši trgovci, se dnevno vračajte na Moj Letak.

Izdelki v tem katalogu

STEP ONⓇ Where Burton leads the way, others will follow. This is definitely the case with their revolutionary Step On® system. Just a few years ago, many snowboarders and brands thought that step-in binding systems wouldn't stand a chance against strap-in bindings these days. But Burton proved us wrong in 2017- and now other brands are also experimenting with new ways to connect boot and board. Burton took the time to redesign the Step On® system from scratch. The goal was clear: the same performance as traditional bindings, but faster and easier to use. And they 01 Burton Step On 2023 Snowboard Bindings € 299,95 | Article no: 649716 Riding style All Mountain Level expert beginner How does the boot-to-binding connection work? The Step On® system has two connection points in the front area. These Toe Hooks have spring hinges that allow easy entry and exit while securely holding the boots in place. The connection point at the heel increases responsiveness and provides better performance and control. Stiffness stiff 01 soft 02 02 DC Judge BOA Step On 2023 Snowboard Boots € 409,95 | Article no: 674946 Riding style Freeride Level expert beginner All Mountain Stiffness -stiff more than succeeded. Step On® is characterised by speed, safety and comfort, which snowboarders all over the world have confirmed. The systems are available for women, men and children - for all skill levels and riding styles. But also people with limited mobility or disabilities can now enjoy snowboarding. So once again Burton gets a big extra point for their achievements in terms of more inclusion in boardsports. ...And because the system works so well, other brands are producing Step On®-compatible boots, allowing for even more versatility. soft 04 Level NITTIO Burton's Step On® is a proprietary system that can only be used with specific boots, but it still provides more diversity on the mountain. We love the brand for pushing innovation to keep the sport evolving. #rideonjake #thankyoujake 03 Nitro Profile TLS Step On 2023 Snowboard Boots € 469,95 | Article no: 678091 Riding style Freeride expert beginner NITRO All Mountain Stiffness stiff soft 03 04 Burton Step On Genesis 2023 Snowboard Bindings €379,95 | Article no: 649719 Riding style Freeride Level expert beginner All Mountain Stiffness stiff soft All-Mountain 51

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