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Blue Tomato katalog - Ponudba izdelkov - snowboard. Stran 50.
50 / 151

Prelistajte Blue Tomato katalog, ki je veljaven od - do -, in našli boste najnovejše ugodnosti. Na 150 straneh trenutno veljavnega Mojega letaka boste našli najboljše izdelke Oblačila kategorije. V tem Blue Tomato katalogu boste našli popust na več kot 79 produktov, s čimer si lahko zagotovite najbolj ugoden nakup izdelkov! Če želite prihraniti pri naslednjem nakupu v Blue Tomato, ne pozabite prelistati celotnega kataloga, od strani 1 do strani 150. Na trenutni strani najdete promocije na snowboard; vendar katalog Blue Tomato ponuja številne druge popuste na blago, kot je snowboard, snowboard. Če želite nakupovati pametno, in pri vašem naslednjem obisku trgovine Blue Tomato prihraniti, ne zamudite najnovejšega kataloga, kjer boste našli neverjetne cene in popuste. Da ne zamudite odličnih promocij, ki jih ponujajo vaši najljubši trgovci, se dnevno vračajte na Moj Letak.

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BOAⓇ The BOA system guarantees a bombproof fit and super-easy adjustment of your boot. This is ensured by the BOA dial closures and laces. There are Single, Double and Triple BOA® systems, which allow you to adjust different zones of your boot separately, depending on the type. 01 How it works If you turn the dial clockwise, the lace is pulled tight. If you pull it up, your boot will loosen up again. Putting on and taking off your boots has never been so easy. The components The BOAⓇ Fit system allows you to adjust your snowboard boots to the millimetre for an unparalleled fit. It all works because of the three essential components of the BOA® Fit system: the dial, the lace and the lace guide. Dial closure The new BOAⓇ dial is easy to use, even when wearing gloves. Precision engineered and designed for demanding snowboarders, it offers the best durability and performance. Lace The BOAⓇ lace is the workhorse of the BOAⓇ Fit system. It is tested under the most extreme conditions and is available in two versions: as a textile lace or as a stainless steel lace. Lace guide The BOAⓇ lace guides have a great advantage over classic eyelets: they are extremely low-friction. Thus, the lace can run smoothly and the boots can be tightened easily. 50 01 Burton Ruler Boa 2023 Snowboard Boots € 329,95 | Article no: 522464 Riding style Freestyle All Mountain Level 02 expert beginner Stiffness stiff soft SUERTA 02 Burton Felix BOA 2023 Snowboard Boots 01 € 399,95 | Article no: 649978 Riding style Freeride All Mountain Level expert beginner Stiffness stiff soft

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